Sedona, Arizona

hi. i'm brad.

i'm a front end web developer. i'm a husband and father. underneath all of that, i'm a geek. i live in phoenix, arizona.

i love new technology. i built my first ibm clone (what you kids call a pc these days) when i was 10 years old. i enjoy html and css, especially the new html5 and css3 goodies.

i look everywhere for visual inspiration - from websites to traffic jams, flowers to abandoned buildings - i've been a visual artist since i could hold a pencil.

have a look around my website here. i'll show off some sites i've worked on, some images i created, and talk about me some more.

so, you wanna know more about me, huh?

well, first and foremost, i'm a nerd. i'm not just saying that because it's in style right now. i'm a card-carrying, glasses-wearing, computer-gaming, role-playing, decorative-sword-owning, renaissance-festival-going, star trek-loving, comic-book-reading, shy-in-school, kind of nerd. my friends and i used to go into the back room of the library in jr. high so that we could play citytech instead of hanging out with other kids. we had slumber parties where we played paranoia while we watched robotech. my favorite thing to do was draw comics involving giant robots. yeah, i'm a genuine nerd.

after i graduated from high school, i decided a career in food services wasn't for me, and i joined the usaf. during my 8 year stint, i got to go to desert storm / desert shield, got to live in germany, and continued to draw. eventually i actually self-published a little 5 page comic about an android girl, built to be a protocol and defensive unit, living in a future where technology has been surpassed by magic and has become the boogyman.

after the military, i decided i should go to college for graphic design. at some one during the curriculum they made us take a photography course so that we would know what is involved in studio photography. i fell in love with the alchemy that is the darkroom. something about being able to use mystical liquids, light, and paper to create images just captured my heart and mind. from that point on i switched gears and went into photography as a primary subject, with digital video as a secondary, to finish out my visual communication degree.

i enjoyed a photographic career for 10 years, 5 of it as my primary income. i fancied myself a photographic mercenary, taking any job with a budget, and working for my friends a lot. i got to shoot a lot of head shots and independent movie behind-the-scenes pictures, which was awesome. i've been published a few times in editorial magazines, and i've met a few minor celebrites over the years. i've created artistic nudes for gallery shows and for breast cancer survivors. i still love the camera, but i want to get back to my technological roots, which is the reason for this website.

i've been married a couple of times, but i've finally found the woman i'll spend the rest of my life with. we have two beautiful children, one of each gender. we started off in hollywood, but decided we need to find a "home" for our family. we have yet to find that perfect town to settle down in, but for now we're in phoenix, arizona.

here's me, imaged by my loverly wife.

oh, so my about me wasn't in-depth enough for you? here's my resume, then.


I am a highly motivated, tech savvy team player, driven to learn the latest skills and techniques in HTML and CSS I have 30 years of experience working with computers, and have been designing, building, and maintaining websites for 10 years.


HTML5; CSS3; Dreamweaver; Photoshop; Lightroom; SublimeText2
Also experience with: Illustrator; jQuery; PHP; JavaScript; C#; Sharepoint


Maricopa Community College 2013
Web Developer II; Web Scripting I with PHP and MySQL; E-Commerce; Intro to C#

Collins College 2001-2002
Associate of Arts in Visual Communication with emphasis on multimedia and digital video production

United States Air Force 1992-2000
Technical School – Air Transportation Journeyman; Airman Leadership School; Hands-on Network Cabling


NYSE Governance, Corpedia (The Creative Group/Robert Half Contract)
June 2013 (current) – Designer/Developer: Using custom CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, create online compliance training modules from comps provided by graphic designers

Brad J Garner (Contract)
2013 – Complete site from concept to execution using HTML5, CSS2, 3, jQuery, Photoshop – testbed and portfolio website

Brad Garner
2012 – Transfer to WordPress professional blog format, customize theme from template – Theme templates, Plugins

Synthetic Human Pictures (Contract)
2012 – Re-code for better visual functionality and responsiveness – HTML and CSS

Fitness Venture Group (Direct and Contract)
2006-2007 (Contract) – Build, update, and maintain custom websites – HTML, CSS, jQuery 2004-2005 (Direct) – Train clients on use of proprietary template-builder software – HTML, CSS, Remote Desktop

here are my sites - i used html(5) & css(3), a little jquery, & some design.

SyntheticHuman Pictures screenshot Brad Garner Photography screenshot My parallax site screenshot

for the last decade i've been a photographer, half of that, professionally.

the W hotel, Hollywood and Argyle abandoned farm abandoned gas station the Goldengate Bridge at night pool at Moon Palace Resort, Cancun, Mexico abandoned hotel
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